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Hill Road work causing delays

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Mac Native 66

The sad part of the construction is that the traffic that has moved off of Hill Rd. onto Wallace Rd. has made Wallace Rd. into a speedway. If it isn't a speeding car or pick-up truck, it's a speeding dump truck. If I call Mac PD, to tell them, It'll just fall on deaf ears as it has in the past.

Ossie Bladine

Wallace is kind of a speedway even without the extra traffic. I did see a Mac PD cruiser parked along the side this morning, so maybe they've begun monitoring it some more.


The same will happen when they start widening Old Sheridan and SW Cypress Ln. It's already a highly dangerous speedway close to an elementary school and children's playground at Discovery Meadows Park. This will even getting worse when all the affordable houses are up at Baker Creek Rd/Hill Rd. and this people are using this to reach 99 W and 18. Right now it is life threating to cross the street. And one PD cruiser once in a while will not solve the problem


All this construction is getting annoying. Hill Rd is torn up with detours at the same time second street is torn up with detours. Kind of annoying to tear up two major passageways at once. Living on the west side of town I'm always hitting construction.


Sad to see McMinnville morphing into a bigger city one construction project at a time. I miss small town McMinnville.


Stupid traffic circles. They are spreading like wild blackberries.


As a local resident, having a sidewalk along Hill Rd will be wonderful. Hill needed the upgrade to accommodate growth in the area, particularly if the elementary school is built at Hill and Cottonwood.

Brad M

@Rotwang Traffic circles keeps things moving. You must be someone who doesn't know you can also turn right on a red and sometimes left also.

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