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High-speed chase ends in crash

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So here's a question...why are these deputies continually putting the life of innocent people on the line by instigating these high speed chases? What if a family in a mini van full of kids had been coming down Westside road near Poverty Bend on the way to a soccer game? Is it worth their lives so this deputy can have the manly feeling of arresting a guy for some kind of petty outstanding drug offense? Please stop these dangerous and reckless pursuits and find some other way to eventually get them in to custody. Let's get back to the good old days when police were "Peace Officers" who could get the job done without always immediately resorting to shocking people, sicking dogs on them and chasing them at 100 miles per hour.


So when someone decides not to stop for a peace officer we should just let them go? I'm confused with that comment because when someone fails to stop it's not because they don't want to stop but rather it's an indicator that they have something to hide. In this case that something was that the person was pulled over the day before and cited for driving while suspended. Deputy Sato lost sight of the Nissan presumably because continuing the pursuit would have been dangerous. He had a hunch the person would have headed out of town and he was correct and "came upon the car" after the crash had already taken place. Please inform me Joel. What's up?

Bill B

So, he commits a traffic violation, is under court supervision and has a suspended license, but we should just let him drive away! Wow, what an idiotic comment.


@Joel2828 what a stupid comment to make. Law enforcement doesn't instigate these high speed chases, it's the criminals who choose to run from the police who instigate them. Not sure what "good old days" you are referring to but the cops have been chasing the criminals for decades. Apprehending criminals has always been the job of a peace officer. The criminals dictate how they are arrested by their actions so if they shocked or bit by a dog that is on them. If you can do the job better then please go apply at one of the many agencies around the country that are hiring.

Bad boy, Bad Boy watcha gonna do now !


Actually, I think you guys are right. Reading back over my comment today, I wish I hadn't wrote it. It's overly critical. I wish the NR had a delete button.
After reading the other article here about how the police are short staffed and the recent spike in crime I feel more empathy for the hard job they are doing. Guess I was just in an irritable mood last night when I wrote that. Thanks for calling me out on it.


Notice Jody was on probation at the time. Maybe he should have been left in his car for a few hours, allowing him quiet time in which to evaluate his behavior.


Sooo, it would be the peace officer's fault if a family in a mini van was involved , rather than the person who has already broken the law, and is now driving at high speed to elude said officer? Have you completely lost the plot?


Check out his Facebook page. Notice how it's littered with truly scummy people and their equally ugly remarks.


I don't doubt it for a moment. I didn't figure him for one of our leading citizens. I don't think his elevator makes it anywhere near the top floor.


"Hi, there, little Jody. And what would you like to be when you grow up? A doctor? A lawyer? A fireman? A circus clown?"
"Nah--I wanna be a punk--just like my brothers."


Our Police do a outstanding job,if you dont think so ,go try it .


Police do assume some responsibility when pursuing a suspect in a chase. They must evaluate and weigh the risks to the public against the offense committed. When is a police chase warranted and when should they back off, de-escalate and pick up the suspect at a latter date?

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