By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Hemp, pot processing hearing continued for a week

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Christmas has Talons

It is almost comedic that Kulla who is also a pot farmer himself can't understand why it might not be a good idea for him to vote on whether a
another pot business can become his competition. He should recuse himself because he doesn't even want a hint of impropriety to tarnish his new term in office. I know at the Forrest Service there are mandated classes in ethics I think Mr. Kulla would benefit.
What's more is he had the audacity to say " You'll have to trust me" to make a fair decision.


Processing dope is a far cry from cleaning grass seed or baling hay. Agricultural crop doesn’t even cross my mind when this whole facility is mentioned. Between all the wine tasting rooms and this kind of crap being approved our county commissioners are ruining one of the greatest rural counties in the state. Kulla is in the business and he should recuse himself from the process.

Christmas has Talons


I agree 100%.
Marijuana legalization was yet another nail in the coffin of decency. Kulla is nothing more than a common drug pusher for one of the most dangerous drugs there is.


I don’t really think our county is well situated for facilities like these. They should site them over closer to I-5 like Hubbard , Donald , etc where they are right off the main utility lines. But as others have stated the intoxicant industry has taken over this county (wine and pot) and with all the criminal aliens those industries need. So so sad how they destroyed this once ag county and turned it into vice central !!

Christmas has Talons

"Kulla, an organic vegetable farmer who has also farmed marijuana on his own property" C'mon Nicole you know as well as I do that Kulla's main crop is marijuana this type of soft peddling the truth is very typical for the NR but never any less repugnant.
Is it just that the NR believes Yamhill county citizens won't like the truth that's why you cant trust them to know? Just curious....


He should totally refuse himself and it should be up to the voters to decide on this matter in my opinion. I got a taste of what he and his ilk are up to when I went to climate coffee earlier this year in Newberg. One woman from state of California and working for the wine industry was bellyaching about how far she has to drive to the grocery store. Another guy from Tennessee was lauding Oregon’s “wonderful land use” laws. Maybe wonderful for wealthy leftists who located here from afar to sip wines, cut down every last stand of trees for wine fields and use crazy amounts of water for processing. And every single one of them didn’t seem to see the irony in enjoying their privilege of driving to the coffee shop and drinking imported from the other hemisphere coffee and they were all adorned in Patagonia. How cute I thought!! But these same folks just lobe the asinine Metro like ideas like trails and trains. But what is their answer for practical things like where to even House the masses they want to flood on in here? Shaking my head !!

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