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Habitat ReStore burglarized, safe stolen

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This just makes me sick to my stomach. I feel so sorry for all the staff and volunteers that work so hard to do some good in our little World to have someone(s) comes along and dash their hearts to bits. Pretty low blow. I hope KARMA comes back 10 fold on the creep or creeps that did this. SMH in disgust!!!


THis is just so wrong. Knowing McMinnville some angels will step up and donate some big money to the restore to help ease the pain.
It's a good reminder for all businesses to have a policy of no money (other than maybe a very minimal amount of petty cash) ever left in the building overnight.

A New Generation

Let's all join in for a 'Small Business Saturday' this weekend and all shop at The ReStore! While not in a position to be an 'angel', every little bit helps. They do so much for so many! See you there! (Located across from St. James parking lot and the new apartments construction on First Street)


Thanks to all for the outpouring of support for the ReStore! The burglary really rocked everyone here. The love we are receiving from the community has ReStored (get it?) our faith in humanity. We are so grateful to live in such an amazing city!

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