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Gwendolyn project denied by HLC

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Curious where the HLC was for the glass shop building when it went down? You know for the KAOS building?? Or is that okay because he is a local guy?


Or maybe the Atticus? We all lament the lack of parking but the Atticus removed 50 parking spaces downtown and then added more need for parking spaces to accommodate their customers. But it's cool because they're Townies.

The potential of this hotel to better utilize space between 2nd and 3rd on the East side of Galloway exists. Would the HLC consider Steve's auto service building to also be of greater value than the potential of the new hotel? Half the block is gravel and needs improved.


When the big one hits, should the committee members that voted "No" be held liable when these deathtraps collapse and kill our fellow citizens?

DB Cooper

My suspicion is that any appeal will likely go the same way, as council generally tends to follow staff and other committee findings without much fuss. What happens then? Is there legal action that may be taken against the city? I really have no idea.

Local Yokel

Toxic Nostalgia

Local Yokel

Toxic Nostalgia

McMinnville Planning Department

DB Cooper, anybody who participated in the public hearing process, applicant, or someone who testified, can appeal the final decision of the City to the State Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA).

Easy Writer

McMinnville is full of small minded people who live in fantasy land. This ain't Mayberry, folks.


I'm not sure as I think I saw Barney Fife out on patrol the other day....


If that is the standard and you are looking for death traps for when the big one hits, you better start at the west end and go alphabetical Adams, Baker, Cowls, etc. many of the other buildings on third will hit the asphalt before these 3.

You have unelected bureaucrats, who face no consequences making financial and life impacting decisions based on their interpretation of rules. Their opinion that the owners of the buildings should be just fine making the money available by keeping the buildings standing as is.

Is that Deep-City instead of Deep State? This is how conservatives are made. 🙂


A nice walk in the woods does wonders.

DB Cooper

Thank you for the information @Planning Department


So just for reference the process is as follows:

Historic Landmark Committee

Planning Commission

City Council

Oregon State LUBA

Hopefully it doesn't need that much litigation.


The city wants to sell off how many buildings because it's too expensive to remodel/retrofit? Yet they're confident the investors on this project can suck up the huge amount it will take to remodel existing buildings that aren't going to survive the big quake. How hypocritical.

For all those people out there saying that the downtown will lose it's charm - what charm when it's all bricks on the ground when the quake hits? This new design will absolutely look beautiful when it's finished. Have you looked at the plans or just jumped on the Toxic Nostalgia band wagon?

How about all of the buildings that were torn down before this? Mac Glass, the old Jack of all Beads, the site of the BRAND NEW Atticus? First Federal (which, to me, looks like it belongs in a big city)? Sort of makes me wonder who ticked off whom on this one. There sure seems to be a lot of double standards.


Big Foot Lives

You said: "many of the other buildings on third will hit the asphalt before these 3."

You mean: Along with these 3. Not before, along with.


Sometimes historical simply means old and falling apart. Some people will always believe that old means valuable antiques. They've never tried to sell or use an old anything is my guess.

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