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Gwendolyn decision to be appealed to council

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This is ridiculous. A select few continue to insist upon wasting the time and resources of our city staff and volunteers.


"We don't want you to sell it to someone who will knock down the building. We want to tell you what to do with your asset. You must wait for a fool buyer who will buy this eyesore, spend an unknowable sum to clean up the site, and the repurpose it into a newly remodeled eyesore. Our idea of what downtown Mac should look like is more important than allowing the actual owners of the building (and any future buyer) to decide the best use of the space."


Mac Theater?...yep.
It's worth saving. Looking forward to seeing it shine again.

These old garages? Nope.
Please, go ahead and buy them yourself if you want something different done with them. Otherwise, it's DEMO DAY! My favorite day!

Easy Writer

I wonder how Daniel Kiser would feel if those worthless buildings were his and a few delusional residents kept preventing him from knocking them down.


Maybe we should not repair the sidewalks while we're at it. So what if they trip people and look awful, they're historic.


It is quite amusing to suggest that anyone would venture to McMinnville's historic downtown for the mere purpose of beholding the three insignificant buildings slated for demolition in favor of the Gwendolyn project. Rather, it is irrefutable that the project in question will undoubtedly augment tourism and foster more substantial investments in the area, rendering our community and its rich history all the more valuable and desirable as a destination for visitors seeking genuine experiences. To appeal the Planning Commission's decision to raze these dilapidated structures, devoid of any cultural or historical significance, is a demonstration of contempt for our community and disregard for humanity at large.


Now wait a minute. I remember the historic O'Dell Tire and gas at 3rd and Ford. Oh, sorry, it got torn out years ago.


So the appeal to overturn the original denial was not a waste of precious city resources, but when a lowly Mouth breather dares to demand he have his voice heard, raises money from other commoners, and submits the required documents and pays the appropriate fee for the city employees precious time, to force a hearing… the city can sit back and do their damn job.

Disregard for humanity at large? You’re on the wrong set of talking points, that’s Progressive Yamhill’s county commissioner handbook. You must not be on the current mailing list.

And I would think the mayor would recuse herself from any decision on this matter given that she stands to benefit financially with a winery and tasting room a short walk away. I have a feeling that won’t happen.



The accusation that the idea of "disregard for humanity at large" is a talking point from a particular political ideology is baseless and contributes nothing to the discussion. It is important to approach issues with an open mind and a willingness to engage in constructive dialogue, rather than resorting to name-calling and unfounded accusations.


I remember when conservatives where thick skinned and liberals were the ones who got their feelings hurt easily.

Local Yokel

What about the dozens more that are on board with upgrading our downtown? These old, outdated buildings are not a local treasure. Just stop it.



Remy's winery is about a seven mile drive away in Dayton. She's been gone from the old Mac location for quite a while. Nice try.


Daniel sounds like he wants to buy the buildings!!!

M. Lazzeri

Neither building has an economic future in the current McMinnville. They are small and will be difficult and expensive to renovate and one would still be left with an economic albatross.
Why not let someone build something that although new, looks old ( think Atticus) that can actually succeed economically, provide tax revenue and serve as an employer.
McMinnville is and has changed. Embrace it or fade away.

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