By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Gun control opponents seek petition signatures

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I'll sit at a table all day to get signatures for this!

Incidentally, beautiful, non-biased spin on the story, N-R. I'm sure they planned to submit it on the same day, just to tweak you.


About as meaningful as resolutions to the same effect that our county commissioners have busied themselves with in the past. In other states, some clowns even declared their counties “sanctuaries” for gun owners.
The problem is that there is no constitutional basis for counties taking it upon themselves, either by way of initiatives or commission votes, to interpret gun rights and decide which laws to enforce or not.
Gun laws are passed by Congress and the state legislature, and any possible infringement of constitutional rights is, if it comes to that, decided by the Oregon and/or US Supreme Courts.
Anything else is a waste of time and tax money.

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