By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Governor tells Amity kindergartners to 'keep being kind'

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We didn't want her there and it was disgusting for her to show up and overshadow this big day for our kinders and our retiring principal. She turned it into a PR moment we were left feeling quite used.

Joel R

I'm a die hard conservative but I think it's great that she came. She may be on the complete opposite political spectrum from me but she seems to be pretty non partisan in her attitude and the way she comports herself. To me she seems to be truly interested in being a good leader for all of Oregon. And good leaders get out and spend time with the people. That's all I see here. And it's pretty hard to argue with her message to "be kind."


I agree with your Joel R! If everyone, no matter what 'side' you stand on, would "be kind", the world would be a better place. You really can't argue with that. Congratulations kiddos!


Be kind. Great message. Let's keep the punch bowl pristine.


The governor should practice what she preaches!

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