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Garbage rates could go up 10.47 percent

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Bill B

So, what is the relationship between Recology and the city? Most cities put these type of services out for bid when the contract is up.


What we need is an incenerstor like they have at Brooks , Oregon. It could be built right next to Trash Hill. And they could slowly burn up Trash Hill and turn it into electricity. And since most of Trash Hill originated in Portland we should make them pay for our incenerstor.

Mac Native 66

gregtompkins, the trash does not come 100% from Portland. I know and have seen trash trucks from Kahut, (Clackamas, Co.), Swatco & Hillsboro Garbage, (Washington, Co.) as well as K & E Excavation and Walsh, hauling trash in from other parts of the Portland area. The garbage picked up by Waste Management, from Portland, goes to the big land fill south of Arlington, Or.
If the garbage service was to be put up for bid, Waste Management could win that bid and we'd be back to square one, on closing the Koch (pronounced Cook) land fill.

Chris Chenoweth

How much of the cost increase is a direct result of not utilizing the local landfill? I seem to remember that their was an estimated 10% increase that would be passed on if we made that change. The change is made and low and behold here comes the increase....

Chris Chenoweth

This is just a follow up to an earlier comment I made for the record as I was incorrect. We already saw the 10% increase for the switch away from Riverbend Landfill. That increase was granted with a provision that no further rate hike would come with an effective date prior to July 1, 2019. Apparently China's unwillingness to process and handle recycling caused a need for a 5.7% increase and Recology added a wanted 4.77% cost of living increase.

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