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Gap between ambulance service revenue, costs continues to grow

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It’s well past time to privatize the ambulance service. Private companies can provide the same, or better, services for a fraction of the cost public fire departments can.

McMinnville ambulance rates are outrageous, and even that is not enough apparently.

David S. Wall

McMinnville and all jurisdictions within Yamhill County should revise their respective "city charters" to eliminate the term "municipal service fee" which imposes a fee upon property taxes to the more analytical term "municipal tax" which must be approved by the a "vote."

As to the immediacy of the "ambulance crisis," could Yamhill County's "buying power" in concert with participation of all jurisdictions within Yamhill County, design an "affordable ambulance service insurance program" using existing revenues?

Call your local Yamhill County Commissioner and propose the question.

Money should not be an issue here because...

If they have money for "free needles for drug addicts" how about a "free ambulance ride" for an upstanding citizen who is in the process of dying from a heart-attack or is slowly "bleeding-to-death" from severe and life threatening "bite wounds" incurred from a rabid-dog since the "Animal Control Program" was dropped by the Sheriff's Office.

David S. Wall

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