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From ivy to Alps, Drabkin has busy April

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Wow, Drabkin certainly has been busy! We have a lot of problems in McMinnville, and I hope international travels will enlighten her. The article mentions lack of access to parks. Seems to me that one doesn’t need to go to Harvard to know local citizens have a hurdle with our parks and other public spaces… they are not safe. Sidewalks to schools are littered with needles. When walking the sidewalks in downtown, one can often be approached by a person with a mental condition. The doorways to local businesses are filled with homeless people and tarps. I DO have compassion for the homeless, but there has to be a solution, and it seems to me Drabkin should forego the photo ops and get back to McMinnville and work on our local problems. I applaud the forward thinking of some of our city leaders, but feel like they are out of touch with the reality for most of us. They’re talking about elaborate plans for city parks, and a new recreation center, when many of us are seeing our personal budgets whittled down by high gas, food and living expenses. The city’s answer is to trick us into paying more taxes (the Fire Dept levy), or adding “fees” (User fee added to utility bills and soon to come sewer fee).


Drabkin's ego has led to a significant disconnect with the majority of McMinnville citizens. Her downfall begun when she failed to listen to these citizens and it continues today with a lack of action for the city.

How's the city budget by the way?

Bill B

Tina Jr.??


Mayor Drabkin's tireless effort to seek the best possibilities for McMinnville's future demonstrates real leadership. As a volunteer mayor, being selected to be part of the Harvard program at no cost to the citizens of McMinnville, says a lot about her leadership and commitment. People suggesting that she doesn't listen to citizens, or that she is somehow responsible for gas and food prices may want to take a civics class. That she is taking the time to travel to the EU, and take part in conversations about how cities around the world are managing some of the same kinds of challenges as we have in McMinnville, shows her humility and curiosity to expand her knowledge. We are lucky to have someone with her commitment volunteering to help guide us into the future.


I wasn't suggesting Drabkin has anything to do with gas or food prices. I AM suggesting that some of her lofty ideas come at a cost. Whether it be "fees" or "taxes"... call it whatever you want. The bottom line is that there is NOTHING purchased by citizens that doesn't cost significantly more than it did a year or two ago. Wages are not keeping up with inflation. So when she talks about funding her ideas on the backs of taxpayers, I think she is out of touch with just how much that pinches. I know I'm not alone in thinking this.

Don Dix

CubFan is definitely not alone in his thinking -- and apparently doesn't need a trip to anywhere to find the reality.


Deep dive, indeed.
Maybe she'll abdicate.


Mayoral election coming up. If we really want change, transparency, fiscal responsibility, healthy communication & collaboration, and true leadership VOTE!


Kim Morris has my vote! "Bring back Mac"


So bummed the eclipse rapture didn't happen.

Mac Runner

Remy Drabkin is one of the most effective and collaborative mayors in the country. I don't think anyone can deny her effectiveness at bringing in actual resources to solve major problems in the community in terms of things like the Compass Center or the large amounts of housing that is now more affordable because of her collaboration with Rep Elmer and her ability to persuade legislative leaders and the governor to solve problems for our city. That goes away with someone with zero experience and no ability to influence those who can bring in state and federal resources. Honestly, if Kim loved this city as much as she claims to, she would back off and let the Mayor do her job.


Mac Runner, I certainly understand your support for Mayor Drabkin but why the attacks on Ms. Morris? Is it not enough just to support your candidate versus attack others?

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