By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Flag supporters challenge Willamina board

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There are other groups of people that will demand their particular affiliations flag should be placed in schools, city halls, etc. It will have no end.


How many groups are:
1) Well enough established and organized to have a flag of its own.
2) Represent 31 percent of the population of the Willamina School District.
Who else could you possibly imagine requesting a place to post a flag? If you can cite even one credible possibility, I would be most surprised.
Tribal flags have been posted previously in gyms in Pendleton and Madras, and the county courthouse in McMinnville, and none of those parties has ever been presented with a flag-posting request from another group.
I think that's a really bogus argument, a total red herring.


The flag of South Korea hangs on a wall inside the county courthouse, too. So, it's probably better to accept a gift, than to not, and end up be pilloried for not.

That's what I always say. So, keep sucking air, and stay under the politically correct radar, Willamina!


Just curious, sbagwell. How much revenue (on average yearly, since 2008) does the News-Register earn/accept from advertising for the local tribes and their casino's?


You don't really want to answer that question, Steve. Because there is no such thing as an unbiased news paper.


They are trying to imitate their ancestors, and at this point it's all pretend and make believe. My father, A half breed Lakota Indian (back in the 40's and 50's) understood that.

Then 'Wounded Knee' number two changed his mind.


Bury my heart in Grand Ronde, the rest you can feed to the crawdads in Agency Creek.

Jeb Bladine

Here's a multi-faceted answer to your question: Steve Bagwell, as managing editor, wouldn't know the answer ... if he did, he would decline to provide that information, as would be the case with any other client ... as anyone who reads the News-Register would know, Spirit Mountain Casino advertises its major regional attraction in some of our visitor sections and occasionally in the regular newspaper, but clearly is not a major advertising client ... and finally, we resent your implication of news bias based on advertising receipts.
Jeb Bladine