By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Farm and ag firm fined for pesticide violations

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After multiple violations....that statement sounds like “lip service”. Appears that Mgt needs to look in the mirror...blaming ( and terminating) employees for management’s failed oversight responsibility is a cop out....


Wow how times have changed. I remember when it was common practice the farmers would dig huge pits in their fields and dump old barrels of pesticides. They did that up until the late 80’s. And same farmers griped about when the nurseries came in and put gravel down. Nursery industry uses tons of pesticides but they contain the runoff somewhat. And now wineries come in and sue the old school type farmers. I don’t think the California wineries are environmental saints though. They’ve totally destroyed what used to be beautiful tree covered hills in this county and use tremendous amounts of water. Oh well the liberal progressives love their wine so wineries get a free “pass.”


Guess you’re not a fan of hazelnut orchards either.....

Wouldn’t you sue someone that allowed spray drift onto your property?

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