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Ethics Commission issues letter of education to Johnston

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I hear the ethics commission likes cookies.


If they are part of state government they are way past the cookies.


Mary got the same letter and was advising Kit. this was not an accident or oversight. Kit HAD to know he needed to list all businesses that are separately licensed. That form is very clear. That makes him either too incompetent or too dishonest for public office. Which is worse? He intentionally left off his marijuana business - while his people were attacking Kulla for running one. So it was a political decision he hoped nobody would catch. Just awful. The whole BOC is such an embarrassment.


Just another example of our county commissioners hiding things. He didn't want the public to know he was a pot grower so they let him hide it. I so hope yamhill wakes up and votes these commissioners out and quit buying into Timber united and the George family proaganda.


Poor Kit Johnston must of sampled some of the harvest prior to filling out the forms....

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