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Education, enforcement of new RV law underway

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I have a cure for all of these people that whine about housing and how scared they are of the police who are just doing there job. Get a job and be a productive part of society instead of expecting the rest of us to work,pay taxes and take care of you.




I am a liberal. I believe in helping those in need and giving people a hand up when needed. I am more than willing to support programs with my tax dollars that truly help people take incremental steps toward independence. I also believe that it's important to provide support to those addicted or those who are mentally ill to receive services to heal and become fully functioning citizens. It would seem to me that programs designed to help the homeless and folks that may be down on their luck should be carefully designed to reward those who make a sincere effort to lift themselves out of their circumstances. On the other hand, I find it hard to get behind folks who want a hand out, but do little to improve their chances of success. For example, being irresponsible and having more children even though they can't feed the ones they have. Making a difference involves 50/50 input from we the taxpayers and those that receive our money. Solutions won't come easy because there are so many in need and much to be unpacked as we examine the unique needs of each and every person seeking assistance. Treatment, education, birth control, baby sitting, skills, job interviewing, resume building, mental health counseling, etc...are just a few of the ways we can help, but someone has to do the triage and follow up to make sure these programs are doing exactly what they need to do and there should be intensive monitoring to make sure the tax payer isn't being taken advantage of. After all, we want independent and self-sufficient citizens that aren't a drain on society. My father used to tell me that we will always have people in need and we are more than happy to help those that meet us halfway.

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