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Economic council to mull business license fee

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Don Dix

So, if an annual fee (license) doesn't exist for any particular enterprise, it's a good idea to implement one because that approach is 'becoming increasingly popular for Oregon cities'. Wasting money seems to be rather popular government trait also, so one enables the other -- what a concept! Thanx to Chris Chenoweth for being conscious that maybe the endless search for more $$$$$$ has limits.


Heather Richards seems to be a big fan of proposing ways to add fees to citizens and businesses as a way to fund her growth plans for the city. Of course these new fees are popular for Oregon cities... the cities' administrations have just found a new revenue source! Slap another fee on people! Thank you Chris Chenoweth for being the voice of reason.


I think that one thing we need to make popular in this Oregon city is throwing some of these people out on their arse come election time. They show time and time again that they have no connection with reality and certainly no connection with the people they supposedly represent.

Don Dix

Portland has had such a fee for 20+ yrs. -- oh yeah, let's follow the shinning example that is Portland -- businesses can't get to Portland fast enough, right?


Do I understand this correctly? Heather Richards is promoting the business fee to help cover the city's $1.8 million shortfall? I thought that's what the new city service fee was for? And if I did my calculations correctly, the city service fee, which started this month, will bring in enough revenue at the end of 6 months to cover the $1.8 million shortfall. So, why then do we need another fee? And secondly, if the new service fee will satisfy the shortfall in 6 months, will that fee end in 6 months? Rhetorical question, I know. There's absolutely no chance the city will discontinue that service fee now that they have their hooks into the city residents.

McMinnville Planning Department

Just to clarify. The Economic Vitality Leadership Council (EVLC) voted to put together a subcommittee to explore whether there was need and value in having a business licensing program that would support economic development programs that directly benefit the business community in McMinnville. That subcommittee will be comprised of business owners and economic development community leaders. The intention is that their due diligence and discussion will lead to a recommendation for the EVLC to consider - which could be - do not implement a business licensing program or implement a business licensing program that charges "X" and does "Y". But the critical component is that it will be vetted and developed by business owners and economic development leaders. This conversation was put on the Economic Vitality Leadership Council's agenda by some members of the committee and not city staff. Planning staff simply provides staff support to the committee.


Just to clarify to "McMinnville Planning Department" - the second Yamhill County starts charging my business even $1, I'm moving it to another county.

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