By Tom Henderson • Staff Writer • 

Downtown task force to make final recommendations

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Sounds like more nanny-state garbage to me. Either make tobacco use illegal - and forfeit your taxes - or stop harassing adults using a legal product.

Don Dix

An amendment (smoking ban) added to a proposed ordinance (safety) that has little or nothing in common with the original proposal -- a sneaky congressional tactic gone local! Was no one expected to notice?

Sal Peralta

Anyone who is interested in reviewing the action plan of the Downtown Safety Taskforce is encouraged to review pages 27-32 in the attached PDF. I, and the other members of the council are very grateful to Sylla McClallan, Rev. Marksbury and the other community members for their participation and contribution to the plan to give the police the tools they need to maintain public safety downtown. If, after reviewing the action plan, folks still have questions about the recommendations of the task force, they are welcome to contact myself or others on the council.

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