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Dog shooter found guilty on two counts

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Thank you Judge Wiles! Maybe now, we no longer have to listen to Nicole’s ’ latest version’ of this horrible incident. This story changed repeatedly as soon as her attorney got involved. Also, it’s interesting we have never heard in previous articles about this story Stan was home during the event. Did he help pick which guns to use? Did he make any attempt to suggest a different course of action? Or did he have no idea of what was going on? Looking forward to the sentencing hearing.


It sounds to me like a reasonable verdict. If I'm not mistaken First Degree Animal Abuse is a misdemeanor? I'm glad to hear that she wasn't convicted of a felony.
I feel bad for the dogs and their owners. The dogs shouldn't have been allowed to run free terrorizing the neighbors and their animals, but they didn't deserve to be shot. Good reminder to all of us to just call the sheriff and not take matters into your own hands.


The Woods are educated "professionals" when it comes to the care and management of animals. It's mind-blowing to think that members of the community go to them for advice and assistance with sick and problem animals. She knew better, but chose to take matters into her own hands. Now she will have to deal with the consequences of her actions.


What a vile, conniving, vicious person.
I hope the two mangled, bloody dogs make frequent appearances crawling into her dreams. Or at the back of a dark closet. Or peer into her rear-view mirror when she believes she's driving alone.

Bill B

Uh, apparently the judge was not paying attention to testimony or the reports. He said;"He acquitted her, however, of two counts of first-degree aggravated animal abuse, judging the state had failed to prove she acted with a depraved mind. He noted the veterinary pathologist who autopsied the dogs testified they died quickly."

The police report states: "She then went back into the house and retrieved a handgun, which she used to shoot Danner at least two more times. She testified that the additional shots were intended to kill him quickly, to put him out of his misery."

Is that definition of quickly??


I noticed that discrepency too Bill. I just chalked it up as a typo or oversight in the article. I think for it to be aggravated abuse she had to kill them in a deliberately cruel and depraved and manner. Going in and getting the handgun to "put the dog out of its misery" is the opposite of cruel and depraved. Weird concept though seeing how she is the one that wrongly wounded it to begin with.


Sounds like a rational, logical verdict.


Joel2828, your argument sounds like the guy who murdered his wife and then begged for the judge's sympathy because he was a widower.
This monster is totally guilty of the aggravated abuse charges.

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