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Deputies raid Dayton area grow site

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We see that only one of these heavily armed criminals who were arrested remain in jail. Good job Judge Wiles!


How many more of these grow operations are going on around us endangering our communities as a result of an invasion on our southern border, and reckless left wing extremist sanctuary state policies? Did you get a chance to vote yes or no for Oregon to become a sanctuary state for illegal immigration? I didn't either, but I sure get the opportunity to foot the bill.



Yamhill County has also been a marijuana sancturary where bootleggers do not have to abide by Oregon law. No growers license? No grow site certificate? Also engaging in the illegal manufacturing and marketing of ghost guns? Shooting at your neighbors? No Problem!


JWC. I'm pretty sure the guy making 'ghost guns' in his garage isn't backed by the Mexican cartels. The articles mentioned that the neighbors had confrontations with the growers. How long before they decide to get another month or two of operations by making those confrontations disappear? We are not dealing with uncle bob and his pole barn full of pot plants.


I am appalled that the person’s running the operations - especially Phil Janzen with two sites - are not in jail. How many small time pot users have been incarcerated and born large consequences over the years for small amounts of marijuana? Especially if he was a ‘person of color’?

Yet Mr Janzen - a well known 3rd generation large land owner in south Yamhill County - had 6,699 and approximately 10,440 pounds of dried or drying marijuana in one location alone! And how many other laws, codes, etc did he flagrantly violate?

Why was he released? Yamhill County doesn’t need federal help to hold a lawbreaker in jail.

The first story in the paper seemed to imply the ‘problem’ was the complaining neighbors. Well, the problem isn’t solved just because the operations were torn down. People this brazen can’t be trusted to obey the laws in the future, especially since they seem to have few consequences. And get to keep the profits?

Is there some kind of preferential treatment happening? What is wrong here?



It seems as if Mr Jansen is complicit in the grow. However; many other Oregon land owners have been victimized by the OLCC and OMMP who issued address specific grow site permits without the knowledge or consent of the land owner. Corrupt attorneys would then cite the grow site certificates as evidence that the land owner consented to the grow. Imbecile judges who lacked the intelligence and integrity to listen to the testimony then actually read the law as well as the administrative rules, policies and procedures that were adopted to implement the law would swallow the BS hook, line and sinker.

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