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Democratic two-thirds majority in Oregon not out of reach

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Gods help us if that happens.


Do we really want 2/3 of Oregon Legislative seats to be Democrat occupied? The track record for the Democrats during this "arab spring" uprising in America has been disappointing. Major US cities under Democrat control are reeling under the nightly bombardment taking place in the downtown corridors. Rather than working with the Feds to reach a peaceful solution, they have sought to mollycoddle those masked, home-grown insurgents that are bent on occupying, looting and burning each night.

As Oregonians we do not have to look too far, as Portland (Oregon's flagship city) has been paralyzed by the nightly scene unfolding on her streets where opposing forces line up and engage each other with no end in sight. Mayor Ted Wheeler, Governor Brown and a host of others have failed to put this social experiment in anarchy to bed and instead it has festered to the point that merely lancing this boil on the butt of progress is an exercise in futility. No, the Democrats are not a role model when it comes to leadership and keeping the peace. If anything, Americans should be scared of the Democrats and their handling of the present day protests in select' major US cities like Portland, Oregon.

And yes Rotwang... God help us.

Don Dix

So, the Ds want to change the rules to allow the Salem 'tax everything and spend foolishly' attitude to become a done deal before any vote? -- the PERS folks must be ecstatic!


One party rule in Oregon would make us the trainwreck that is California. This is especially true if the press doesn't act as a counterbalance to 'their side'. For instance, ABC did a 'fact-check' on the VP debate last night but only checked Pence. Not kidding.


Would you folks be saying this if the Rs were the ones approaching 2/3 majority? Waah. Waah. Waah.

Don Dix

Speaking for myself, absolutely, Drew. But it isn't just the legislature, it's the whole of Oregon's government. You should realize any highly partisan government is not in anyone's best interest -- except for those at the top and those who finance that position.


For me not as much because I know at least the press will hold Rs to account though I don't like any supermajority.