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Dayton loses several teachers, board chair as turmoil continues

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In the headline continues is misspelled. Appears the right hand was misaligned on the keyboard.

Paul Daquilante

vwittrock . . .


Thank you.


Hays may have had "complete freedom" to reorganize, which I believe is a dangerous policy to begin with, but the board and staff members might have confronted him with their displeasure and vote of no-confidence.


So, much, drama.


The problem might be that the superintendent is detached from the community he serves. I mean he lives in Albany and doesn't want his kids to go to the schools he administers.


Hay has to go.


It's about time they get her and her cult out of here. Everyone is related to everyone. They are all about sports and making sure their kids start. This is the best news! Thank you to the superintendent who really knows how shady they all are. Start over with a whole new staff. Best day ever!!!

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