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Dallas woman arrested in connection with fatal hit-and-run

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I'm glad the person was apprehended. That should help a little bit for the grieving family that was destroyed by this person's selfish act.


Investigators seized a 2008 Ram 1500 pickup Tuesday, Dec. 10 in connection with the crash........Dec, 10 of what year?


It would be great if the News Register reported something other than the press releases provided by law enforcement. This is pretty much word for word the same as what the Sheriff's Office sent out and available to anyone signed up for flash news alerts.

Jeb Bladine


There are many published examples of in-depth law enforcement stories, such as this one from Nov. 19:

Much information was reviewed related to the troubled life of the driver charged in this hit-and-run, but it wasn't deemed appropriate for adding to an initial, basic report of the arrest.

What kind of information do you think should be added to this kind of arrest story? It's a challenging decision-making process at times to determine appropriate scope of criminal-case stories.


At this point, there is only one source of information — law enforcement. If there was additional information to share, it would be shared. There eventually will be, and it will be shared.


Thank you for updating the article with more detail.