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County to settle with former Public Works director

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Sounds like the county should be searching for a new administrator and HR director as many times does this need to happen for someone to get a clue?


Obviously, this will happen again...and again...and again. Yamhill County's bureaucrats possess monstrously inflated egos along with a mean-spirited pettiness costing them big bucks every time they indulge in hissy fits. But so what?--they'll just keep passing off their monetary transgressions on us, the general public, their cash cow.


Lulu— I think your generalization of Yamill county managers is not accurate....

The issues I see are poor judgement/ decisions from the HR department.....The Paola case is the other that comes to mind...HR needs to look at the situation and decide if there is cause for an employment action....clearly that isn’t being done...


How soon we forget Martha Meeker.


lulu- as I recall Martha Meeker was a city employee ( not county) and she resigned with a nice severance package and wasn’t wrongly terminated.....not sure how that relates...


It is unfortunate that this situation happened. But please quit acting like it never happens anywhere else. Disgruntled employees are everywhere. The fact that this issue ended with only $45,000 says volumes. It is obvious that the plaintiff had a weak case, otherwise it would have gone much farther and would have cost a substantially larger settlement. Why not focus our attention on issues that truly affect our lives? That, or work to help our community in a positive manner. Energy better spent!


The County got off way too easy IMO
Wasn't he working with a very severe health issue? Not a great time to retaliate on an employee IMO

When was their decision discussed if not at a informal/formal meeting?

Time to find a qualified Admin.


Drew....The settlement is for the exact amount of the lawsuit, so I think it was the county that didn’t want to are correct that these types of actions happen elsewhere, but this was totally self inflicted......and in the private sector people get replaced when they make poor decisions or don’t do their jobs.....

A New Generation

With regard to comments re: County HR:
I find it interesting that the County has had FOUR (4) HR Directors in 10 years. Is that normal, or just for Yamhill County? Then again, as the bodies stack up and turnover remains at epic proportions, the answer lies within.


She was forced to resign.


What does that have to do with the county?

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