By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

County to finally begin space needs analysis

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Christmas has Talons

How much is the county paying Olsen to be out on leave again? This has been ongoing for several years he's out more than he's in. Don't get me wrong I understand health issues better than most but Olsen has a responsibility to his constituents, those boards and committees he's part of and to the tax payers to be at work and make the decisions he's being paid to make. We also need to have that tie breaking vote of a third person. Leaders should never be in a position to take from their people and that is exactly what Olsen is doing.


I agree with Christmas. I supported Rick’s election as I agreed more with his political views than Mr. Springer’s. But, he is out a lot of the time. I certainly want a commissioner with a liberal bent but I also want a person who will consistently on the job! We will see what the next election brings.


I think what we need is a balance. We need a non partisan female centrist commissioner someone who’s been in the area not an “outsider.”

Christmas has Talons

Drew, I'm honestly so exhausted by the two political dichotomies that I'd love to see someone who has varying ideas that cover both. I'd like someone who hasn't been politically affiliated with either party but the chances of that are pretty slim. I guess we can all dream.

Greg, laws yes! We need balance. I don't care whether it's a man or woman just someone who truly cares about those of us who pay taxes.

fir tree

Over the past several years there have been commissioners who were actually healthy - but never in the office. That's a primary reason that there is a county administrator now, because commissioners were not there doing their jobs. I got quite a laugh at one previous commissioner who claimed they put in 50 - 60 hours a week. The fact is that the only thing an elected official is required to show up for is their swearing in. After that its totally dependent upon their willingness to serve. In Olsen's case, he has had legitimate health issues and to me that's certainly reason to be absent. There have been more blatant examples of overt "no shows" than Olsen.


It seems like an amazing lack of vision for the Downtown business community to worry about hundreds of customers being lost if the County vacates downtown. As though the space would just stay empty and no new tenants would move in? And where do they think the county offices are going to go -- probably still in McMinnville, as it's the most central of our towns. Would they really go so far away that they'd never come downtown?

David S. Wall

If Yamhill County is going to cut administrative costs and improve services, most of its propriatory systems must be under one-roof.

This means a "Vertical office structure with underground parking."

Is the "Height" of the new "County building" governed by how high the "McMinnville Fire Department's Ladder-Truck" can reach? If so, this is a big problem in containing costs.

Ask the McMinnville Fire Department "how high" their "Ladder-Tuck" can reach.

McMinnville voters-Don't end-up like Newberg who had to purchase a "Ladder-Truck" to serve a local, non-taxpaying University's fire protection needs.

If a "new Ladder-Truck, with support equipment and personnel training" is required-make Yamhill County pay.

Have the Commissioners given the County Administrator the task of producing preliminary figures for the current office and projected space needs for each County Department?

Task the County Administrator to come up preliminary figures by mid-January.

Don't be so hurried to spend, "$94,800 to assess its current building use and condition, as well as future needs."

The Commissioners could have mitigated Commissioner Olson's absence (and or any other Commissioners date with the surgeon's scalpel) by arranging a simple "video vote" or a publically heard "phone call vote."

Jeb-"Achitects" is misspelled.

David S. Wall