By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

County fires Public Works Director, seeks dismissal of lawsuit

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Might be interesting to talk with Ms Starrett.....

fir tree

Will the N-R please publish the email(s) that Starrett sent to Phelan? It's public record I think. Also the record of any phone calls that were made between Starrett and Phelan, also public record. If she didn't intend for him to do anything about the problem, then why did she contact him in the first place? Is her position that she asked him to contact the landowner who had an issue on a private driveway? Looks like Huffer is picking up where Tschabold left off.


Big words coming from someone with a made up screen name Fir Tree....
"Show me this, I want to see that" all behind my big bad computer screen.


Tagup, normally the polite thing to do if you have a question about something you heard second hand is to go to that person and talk to them but these days people go right to bashing and demands. It is nice to at least see one person consider it an option, thank you. There's something to be said for decent parenting and good manners.
But for those with no spines or character Heck FOIA the crap out of the county.


If there was direction from Mary Sterrett to repair this road, then we are entitled to see it. Especially if a private road repair costs County taxpayers money. I must admit that I have normally been critical of Mary Sterrett. I don't like her or trust her. However,if we cannot see the correspondence then how can we come to a respectful decision of all concerned??


I think whatever correspondence was exchanged now lies rotting at Riverbend.
Strategy: deny, deny, deny.
"Loud and angry and insubordinate." Phelan didn't bow and scrape--the unexpressed issue.
Pettiness. Grandiosity. Big frogs.

A New Generation

Again, the County can sure pick 'em. Why former County Administrator Laura Tschabold tolerated this man, despite his multiple State Board of Ethics convictions, in addition to reducing the Public Works Department to bare bones, purposely hitting a county resident (yet another lawsuit)with his County-owned truck, intimidating/bribing employees, etc. etc. etc. Why he was kept around as long as he was is the real story. Bravo to Mr. Huffer for cleaning house and I'm sure if they decide to share the report/results of the outside workplace investigator team, it will reveal abundant justification, validating Mr. Huffer's correct decision in removing this man. In addition to his most recent behavior to his superiors, in reading about his past behavior, he was essentially a bully, a danger to the public and probably a danger to himself. Release the report, dismiss the lawsuit, and move on.

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