By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

County board keeps hearing open on end to term limits

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Oh please Mary Starrett! The reason you didn't get any public input is because everyone knows exactly what you're going to do - eliminate the term limits. As soon as this issue was brought up by Wharff, I knew exactly where it was going. You and Berschauer will want to be queens forever. Remember what you did with the public input and committee work with the recent grants. You got your input from a Board appointed committee, and you and Berschauer didn't like what you heard so you went the way you wanted to go all along. What a sham! Its certain what the outcome of this will be so why waste the time so that you can say that you received public input? Wharff needs to go and you need to go. Term limits should stay in place exactly for people like you.


You needed to go many moons ago. Find another position where you can act savage and push people around.

Angela Flood sentiments exactly.
Additionally, there is a certain narcissism that makes these elected think they are the only person we need. The assessor will run forever, instead of allowing an employee - who could be just as or more valuable - run for that office. What terrible leadership to refuse opportunity or intimidate others from seeking to elevate themselves.
It is pointless to submit public testimony when the decision has already been made. The only thing it does is become social media fodder about how citizens are "coming after them" like every situation to date with these two.


Why don't we cut to the chase and simply crown her queen? Let's make bets on how far her subjects can bend over.


"Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely". We are witnessing it first hand.