County approves rural broadband project

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McMinnville resident

Great move by the Yamhill County Commissioners. Access to quality high speed broadband can only help the future of the county.

Amity fan

"Commissioner Mary Starrett said she voted with her colleagues despite some philosophical objections". What a joke! In today's world, network access is no different than the railroad or highways. It is critical infrastructure. Whatever misguided "objections" Stairrat has need to be left at the door with her demagogue nut buddies.


I did take the opportunity to share my thoughts with the commissioners previously. My question still stands from before: Why is there no pressure/encouragement on the existing providers like Ziply(Frontier) to upgrade their infrastructure. I also find it interesting that taxpayer dollars are being given to only one service provider.


It is about time. Grateful that someone noticed we need the same services as any other humans. We pay taxes too.


The FCC requires public service in the form of free ads (PSA's) from television and radio broadcasters that want to use their allotted licensed frequencies.
We are now paying for their towers and getting no assurances of 100% coverage or reduced rates. The FCC blew it on broadband and cellular frequencies. 100% coverage should have been a requirement for the licensed use of our airwaves.


Did anyone even look at SpaceX Starlink? It's already up in beta mode with 900 low orbit satellites. No need for towers or wires or spending tax $$$. You only need line of site for the dish to work. $499 for the dish and the router and $99 per month at up to 150mbs. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/10/27/spacex-starlink-service-priced-at-99-a-month-public-beta-test-begins.html


Let's hope that the new system will work better than what I am forced to rely on at home, with its hits and misses, many of the latter coming at inopportune times.