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Council mulls relationship with Visit McMinnville

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Christmas has Talons

I am concerned Sal Peralta is trying to designate funds to any project because after is Pay to Play scandal we can't be sure he isn't using city monies as an inducement .
If you aren't up on the scandal the short version is Sal used his position as head of the "Independent Party" to tell candidates seeking the Independent party endorsement he would be happy to endorse for money. That isn't a person we want on the council and especially not someone we want negotiating for the city.

Jeb Bladine


Nearly 10 years ago, candidates from other parties were seeking endorsement of the Independent Party of Oregon in races with no IPO candidate. As Secretary of the party organization, Peralta suggested that candidates seeking such nominations should contribute limited funds to the IPO so that the party could pay the costs of the requested nominations processes in those districts without an IPO candidate.

No candidate was told he/she could be endorsed for money. However, when others called the fund-raising effort inappropriate, Peralta made it clear there was no requirement for candidates to contribute. State officials investigated and decided the situation didn't warrant any action.

Christmas has Talons

Mr Bladine, I find it very unusual for newspaper to run interference for someone who faced legitimate potential charges. The Secretary Of State thought it worthy of a letter of reprimand. The NR is a shameless defender of those who agenda they support. In fact the NR can hardly call itself unbiased due the lengthy personal and business relationship you and the paper have had with Peralta for many years. The fact that you commented Jeb speaks volumes.
By the way any reasonable person who listens to the tapes of Sal Peralta offering endorsements for money can tell exactly what he was trying to do. If I post that recording will you leave it up?

Mike D

Talons, getting ready to run for office are we. oh. i know just sharpening those talons.

David S. Wall

"Visit McMinnville" maybe doomed. The sands in this hour glass run out on or about December 31, 2019.

The "new game in town" is "Destination Development" as opposed to "Destination Marketing" which is the current "Visit McMinnville" model.

The Director of "Visit McMinnville" is supportive of "Destination Development."

Currently, the proponents of "Destination Development" are asking the Yamhill County Board of Commissioners (BOC) to form an "Advisory Committee" to address the issues concerning "Destination Development."

This group is comprised of "high-end volunteers."

They all testify, justly, as to their "volunteerism" but, the message is clear-integration of all aspects of the local jurisdiction's economies will be used to assist the Tourism Industry.

They received a $10K Economic Development Grant from the County for "Digital Asset Creation."

Everybody wins with this approach (except those who live in the rural areas and prize their peace and quiet).

The "Destination Development" proponents "see the writing on the wall."

The Transient Lodging Tax revenue is not a sustainable funding source and in the near future will not be able to adequately fund "Visit McMinnville."

The Transient and Lodging Tax (TLT) and corresponding creative disbursement percentages are currently under legislative review.

Senate Bill [SB 595] is languishing in the Senate Committee on Finance and Revenue.

You may review [SB 595] here:

David S. Wall

Christmas has Talons

Hah! Mike I wouldn't run for office in Yamhill County not even for the Dales Pony I've always dreamed of. To many Peralta types to be able to make a difference on a good day and on a bad day to many media types with their lips firmly affixed to the Peralta types derriere.

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