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Council looks to restrict RV parking

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Just what we need to improve our city...laws allowing more booze in the park. Heck why not go all out and throw in some weed festivals too.

Don Dix

Unless it is listed in the present ordinance, ganga should already have that green light. Just don't bring it in a plastic bag!

Bill B

Nice to see a fairly timely response to this issue.


Definitely approve of the RV parking proposal, but we don’t need booze in the parks.

Thank you McMinnville City Council for addressing the parking issue in a relatively timely manner.


It's rather stupid that adults can't sit back with a beer or two and responsibly enjoy our many parks. It makes them nearly useless to me. There are always police around, anyhow, to address violence and hooliganism.

It's about time that the council addresses the problem with vagrants in RVs. Let's see something with teeth, and no mercy.

Sal Peralta

It may be a little unclear, but the issue of alcohol in city park is limited to specific events, like concerts. The parks director was basically describing something like a smaller version of how the McCall Waterfront park is used. Alcohol would still not be permitted for normal use at the park.

Sal Peralta

Regarding RV parking, I think it's clear that we need an enforceable ordinance, but it's not clear to me that the Mayor and Councillor Menke's push to draft an ordinance like Gresham's or Oregon City's is the right approach given that as the county seat, McMinnville is home to many of the services that our most vulnerable citizens rely on so I think we need more flexibility in the ordinance that their statutes provide while still giving the police the ability to enforce health and sanitation codes and to move people along when there is a non-conforming use.


Enforcement will only work if legal, acceptable options are available for the affected people.... simply writing citations or moving people along is not a solution.....Mr Peralta is correct that access to services is critical, therefore expecting these people to move miles from town is not very realistic.

Bill B

What a crock to those last two comments. Do you really think it's OK to camp out in front of a resident's house? It's been said before on other posts, I truly believe your opinion would be different if they were out in front of your front window!


Bill- nowhere in my post or any other time have I said it’s ok to park in neighborhoods..... I’m pointing out the reality that writing citations alone won’t solve the problem.



I agree.

These folks who think it’s okay to have families living in RV’s on the side of the street no doubt have not had one of these things parked in front of their homes, or in there neighborhoods.

I suspect there is a massive degree of hypocrisy involved here.

I see nobody is providing their addresses to offer parking privileges in front of their homes.


I have read the comments regarding this issue for the last few weeks and I have yet to see anyone that supported having Rv’s Park in neighborhoods.

You appear to be arguing a point that doesn’t exist...


You mean other than the folks doing it?


Ok, so your last post about hypocrisy and supplying home addresses really doesn't apply to it.


I will spell it out simple for you.

When the main law enforcement officer in McMinnville states that homeowners frequently exaggerate their concerns regarding this issue, and he shows more concerns for the RV folks than those paying his salary, it raises concerns. It appears hypocritical when one can clearly assume that the RV’s aren’t parked in front of his home. So if he discounts folks concerns while not having to deal directly with the consequences, seems a bit hypocritical, no?

Got it?

I doubt it.


It seems a reach to draw the conclusion from his comments that he thinks it's "ok" for RV's to park in neighborhoods....but at least it allows you to be indignant about something....

carry on.....


Who is paying his salary? Not the demanding ones holed up in those eyesores.

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