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Council gets first look at code for parking structure

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Remy Drabkin needs removed from the City Council.


TTT agreed


What an enchanting sight for all the tourists we expect. It reminds me of a scene from "Trainspotting."


The problem is that not only are the people transient, but the problem is too. Solve the problem of the parking garage and then what about the parks? The neighborhoods? It's a city problem but it's also a county problem. Maybe it's time to put our best minds and best dollars up and solve this thing.


One thing I have been wondering about and never hear addressed is why has all of this homelessness and bad behavior by homeless people suddenly spiked in dramatic fashion the last year or two? What is the root cause? It seems like all of the solutions being proffered are just hacking at the branches.


How do we get at the root of it. Not that we can ever as a society completely root out homelessness... but how can we at least get it back to a minimum like it was a few years ago?


I'm no expert on the matter but I suspect that the rate of homelessness modulates with the economy and various social programs, but generally speaking, is no worse or better today than ever. Oregon's population has doubled in the past couple of decades so I'm sure any problem then has been magnified now.

I also think in the past, that most displaced people were couch surfing or living more on the fringes (abandoned buildings, warehouse districts and forests). I also think in the past they were more transient, meaning they weren't here in the winter. Today though, they're closer to us. That's happened because they have grown more savvy and know that if they're visible, they'll get more and better services. Also, it's true that we have become more sympathetic (which is a good thing) and more tolerant of them living in places like the parking garage.

No doubt about it, it's a complex problem. The code that this article outlines is an inevitable and needed response to the immediate problem of the parking garage, but it's not a solution. To me, the solution has to have two components: First, housing. It won't be free or even cheap, but we have to have it. I've heard several ideas floated around -- including building a tiny home community -- and really, any of the ideas would work. The second part of this, I think has to be included and that is a strict contract. If you're going to live in subsidized or free housing, it's reasonable that we require you keep the place up, you give time to the community, you participate in community policing, you don't panhandle and don't litter. Violate the rules and you lose your home.

In round numbers, a countywide 10-year bond to fund this would cost around $250 per homeowner, per year.


why is there more homeless? They got a one way bus ticket from Portland. Alot of these people are not even from here, Just transported to here.

Mac Native 66

I have a challenge for any of you who have left a comment about this story. Go and ask any of them if they're from Portland. Roamer has it, that some of them have been sent down here from that city.




I think something more than being from Portland is needed to substantiate that they have been “sent” here. If you have more than anecdotal evidence, I’m positive the media would love to publish it....




I wonder if they all grew up with servants in the family and consequently never learned how to bend over and pick up their own trash.


Did you miss the part where they must have family and a housing plan?.......

rtistic1 I didn't. I have witnessed it on my street. Have family here but family won't let them live with them. Gee...wonder why.


should be more potty potties throughout the downtown area so at least the homeless have a place to go to the bathroom. Should cost less than paying for the cleanups.


They had a porta potty at the Baptist church for a while.
There were used needles being jammed down the urinal, and other "activities" in the porta potty.
Did not surprise me that it was removed


AAAA being homeless dosnt have to be trashy and dirty the city can put them to work and pay they way picking up trash or cleaning the streets and giving ticket for trespass private propery , make them usefull

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