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Council eyes another shot at expanding UGB

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If we didn’t have 1000 Friends of Oregon our rents would be around $700 a month. They’re only friends of the wealthy elitist liberal in word only class.


This is great news!! So glad to read that the city council has directed the planning department to figure out a way to get rid of the traffic grid lock mess. Expanding the UGB so that more roads (and no houses) can be built is a great idea!! Thanks city council!!

David S. Wall

Did the Voters of McMinnville "Elect and or Appoint" the Director of Planning to be a "political activist and or lobbyist" to support residential developer's interests?

The atrocious and accursed Baker Creek Development should immediately come to mind.

This "Director" constantly whines her staff is working to "2:00 A.M. and with a consultant" to deal with residential development projects, yet she wants to be the "Tip of the Spear" to lobby the Legislature to over-turn Oregon's Land Use Laws to allow and accommodate more residential and commercial growth.

Further, the "Director" wants to expend more and more taxpayer money jousting at windmills to, "Lobby the Legislature, to challenge Oregon's Land Use Laws in Court" to open the flood-gates to unbridled development of McMinnville.

Who is going to authorize these significant expenditures? This conduct is tantamount to "Gambling with Taxpayer's monies" in the shadow of an alleged $1.4 Million dollar deficit.

Without the patriotic dedication of "The 1000 Friends of Oregon" and especially, "The Friends of Yamhill County" to protect Oregon's precious and irreplaceable farm lands, the "Director" would turn McMinnville into the San Francisco Bay Area.

Or worse-another Portland sewer for the pecuniary and or political gain of; overpaid, obsolete McMinnville administrative bureaucrats and the "Card carrying Members of McMinnville's Political Dufi."

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David S. Wall

David S. Wall

Post #2

What is needed is legislation to strengthen Oregon's Land Use Laws and increase the State's budgetary allocation to expand the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) with; "cost recovery mechanisms" to "punish and deter jurisdictions" from violating and or "trying to pull an End-Run" to justify development permits and or incompetent LUBA filings by the tearful whimpering of obsolete bureaucrats at the behest of their corrupt politician masters.

The only salient drool emanating from the Directors mouth,

"Doing nothing, she said, “meets all the needs, but only for those who can afford to live here.” Now she is talking my language.

David S. Wall

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