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Council considers law to remove homeless

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"McMinnville is a safe haven for homeless white people"

Google and watch that video on utube


It's not about more $. Seattle spends $100,000 per homeless person per year and the problem grows. They chose to enable and attract campers. If you offer "services" they will come from across the country.

*Enforce the laws... they will leave or get help. No need for additional campsites for campers. Worried about removing an RV because it's "their home"... then they aren't homeless - they are camping.

Google "Sub Committee for Homelessness" . The committee = service providers deciding how to fix the camper issue... planning future tiny home villages etc years ago and continuing to expandi their services

We need to vote for change. Not for more money because the "Ten Year Plan To End Homelessness " ends next month and it has cost us enough.


A half million dollars a year plus at least $60k in police time? What the hell are we doing? I agree this is an issue that requires a humane response but IT IS NOT HUMANE TO ENABLE PEOPLE TO LIVE LIKE THIS! On top of this money $100k for free needles. This is not a homeless crisis, it’s a mental health (depression, anxiety, mental or physical abuse) and addiction crisis. Would you let lung cancer patients trade in butts for new packs of cigarettes? If we open public land for camping it will never go away. And if the city has land for this sell the damn thing and put it back on the tax rolls.

If I get ticketed enough times for speeding will the police eventually stop pulling me over? Equal protection under their law, I guess some people are more equal than others. Unbelievable.

“Low barrier” shelters? Most shelters have a zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol will that not be the case in tax a payer funded shelter?

The fact that no private landowner stepped up for letting people camp should tell you something. Serve the citizens that gave you a job and pay your salaries!


I don't have much confidence that any of this talk is going to lead to anything getting done. I guess I just have to resign myself to the fact that this just ain't the same good 'ol McMinnville anymore. Sad.

Bill B

And today's News Register editorial on glass houses seems to indicate the paper advocates a go slow, slow approach. Yeah, that's what we need.


“Your victims would have a valid cause of action against you.”

Actually, law abiding, tax paying citizens are the victims. Citizens who finance your lifestyle and support you and your many children.

It’s a disgrace.

I’m sick of Miller and his perpetual victim mentality.


'consider raising local sewer fees by 5 percent' Typical, take more money and then develop a 'plan'. Ever consider the opposite approach?


No more taxes! Not a penny.


Recall and start over and this time look for people who care about the taxpayers of Yamhill County not some progressive mamby pamby, excuse making,enablers. And remember the media is not on our side in this and they aren't going to portray the side of those of us who work for a living and didn't waste our lives using drugs and drinking. There is no sob story in that so they'll skew this for the takers. NOT ONE MORE DIME! RECALL!!


For a city that bans plastic bags, over spends on Alpine Avenue and spends millions extra on Hill road you would think they could act a little quicker on the homeless issue. Three years is way to long. They can make a complex situation very simple. Cut off every option that the derelict’s receive. No more free meals, arrested for theft , arrested for littering ,arrested for illegal drugs and arrested for polluting our streets with human waste. When the city lets the police department put pressure on these punks they will leave town. That will leave about 10% of the current population and you enablers can take care of who ever is left over.

Laws are a must ! No Business owner wants homeless campers in front of their Business using empty door space as a bathroom, cleanness is a must! not sure how the Ninth Circuit are elected however not in touch with Reality .


totally agree:

Cut the "services", non profits quit profiting and the campers move on. No need to plan for future camps or tiny homes.

RECALL or election.... we can change this.


McMinnville is just as bad as Portland. Graffiti , Garbage and Homeless. It’s just going to get worse thanks to sanctuary laws and asinine land use laws. And free housing coupons isn’t going to make physical structures go up! We need to double or triple all the towns in the west coast states to accommodate the influx of illegals. If we want to be sanctuary we need to build out or face even more homelessness.


It's my understanding that Remy Drabkin no longer resides within the Ward she represents. If this is the case the seat should be open for someone residing within that ward.


Good thing there is a Vancouver coming up with all of the good ideas. Scary to "think" ...pun intended....that we would come up with the good idea on our own. Sorry that people have to pay for it anyway through increased sewer bill. Do we care enough about the other disadvantaged groups that have to pay this out of their social security and disability checks?

Bill B

So, council and our city attorney have cited fear of lawsuits as a reason not to move forward with removing the shanty towns around our city. Have they thought about the potential of suits against the city for not taking action? For instance yesterday, one of our upstanding homeless citizens on 4th street decided to walk into the street and strike cars. What if one if those drivers was injured? It would leave the city (and us) open to a law suit due to the city's failure to maintain a safe environment.

Think that's a stretch, think again.



Bill B, the city would not be liable under the hypothetical circumstances you describe. However, if the city were to arrest any person for sleeping on public property when that person had no other available option the ACLU would sue the city on behalf of that person. And the city would be forced to settle. As part of the settlement the ACLU would demand the city devote a portion of general revenue funds to build and staff additional shelter beds. And until those shelter beds were built, the people the city arrested would continue to sleep on public property. But the legally required reallocation of city general revenue funds means the city would lose some other services.

What would you like to see cut first?

Bill B

Treehouse, I don't know your background, but it's certainly not a legal one. Speaking from more than 40 years of handling claims, I can say that the city could be held liable is they had knowledge of dangerous activity and failed to act on it. Do some research.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would realize the issue is not sleeping but camping. The case everyone is so worried about applied to sleeping. Hopefully we can get a few more conservatives in the 9th district, so we can finally get balanced judgments.


Bill B,
Please describe the city's duty to prevent an adult from ignoring traffic signals, walking into vehicle traffic, and striking cars.
Then describe how this duty is directly and legally related to where that person spent the previous night sleeping.
Citations to binding authorities would be helpful.


I get a little envelope from Yamhill County every year and get to pay $5200 to sleep on my property and that's legally. Something is very wrong and those of us that pay taxes are fed up.


I took my grandma and mom on a sightseeing driving trip of the campgrounds of McMinnville today. They need to bring bulldozers and dumpsters and clean up that mess by the power company. It’s starting to look just like California in McMinnville. Sad.

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