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Consultant: Building costs a barrier for downtown housing

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Having only one parking space per unit should be the builder's choice, but I say that it would be a monumentally stupid one. Two people have two cars.


We are two people with one car. Neighbors are a family of 3 with one car. So don't make assumptions, Rotwang.


You’re right Leo we’re a family of two with 6 cars and pickups. Don’t assume either way.

David S. Wall

This article should reflect how "social engineering can affect Downtown economics" more than what was slowly and painfully dribbled upon the readers.

In order to accommodate more people moving to McMinnville, the "vertical- housing instrument" discussed here is relatively simple, "car-parks" are going to become a thing of the past. This formulation is already occurring in many cities across our great nation.

For example, building parking garages is expensive, especially to accommodate large SUV's, Trucks and Full-sized cars. Developers argue the mundane "Affordable Housing" mantra; the price points per housing units would be lessened by the abandonment of parking garages all together or by limiting them, as the article states, "one parking space per unit." Rest assured this "one-parking space" will be the size of a compact car or a large motorcycle.

So, where are tenants / owners going to park their vehicles? Where ever they can find a place to park their vehicles. This could include parking in nearby neighborhoods (this is going to be real popular with affected homeowners as their property values are diminished).

Street parking is going to be common place. This means trash and soil will build up in the gutters. There will be a need to create a Parking Control function of government to deal with abandoned vehicles and or vehicles stored on the streets. (Taxes are going to increase.)

Contracts with tow companies and their storage lots must be issued to rid the streets the Parking Control folks have designated to remove-which also means that a whole slew of new legislation from the City Council will be needed to codify the "does and don'ts" of parking in McMinnville.

It gets worse.

See Post #2

David S. Wall

David S. Wall

This change in life-style is going to tailor the type of people who will want to live or be forced to live (for one reason or another) in a "Vertical" housing project.

Here is [HB 2725]for your perusal:

and inclusionary "affordable units" in [HB 2997] (which will be in force January 1, 2020.)here:

Will Developers lose revenue for inclusionary housing in [HB 2997] or recoup legislative losses by; integrating monies lost from providing "inclusionary housing" into the cost per housing unit for those who can afford the higher price? Will there be adequate "disclosure" as to the amount one person is subsidizing another? So much for, "I'm not my brother's keeper."

Urban Planners salivate incessantly to "get people out of their vehicles" to take mass transit, ride bicycles and or walk to their destinations. Beware of the term "Urban Villages" for it is on the horizon.

The Economic Development Department likes the aforementioned policy for obvious reasons. Concentration of people "Downtown" assures significant economic activities.

See POST #3
David S. Wall

David S. Wall

But, who really profits from this experiment in "social engineering" for this housing project.

The Developers "always profit" or they wouldn't be in business. Duh.

Now, raise your hands if you support the "McMinnville Urban Renewal Advisory Committee (MURAC)."

The MURAC roster can be viewed here:

The McMinnville Mayor and Council should publish the identities of all property owners within the designated development area and "dissolve" MURAC with extreme prejudice.

The above is just a "snippet" of how to turn a beautiful city into a "slum" and a "warning" to those who like the small-town rural life-style.

"The times, they are a changin'..." but you do have a choice, via your participation in your municipal/ county affairs and through your vote.

David S. Wall


They’ll have us in Metro in no time. Soviet style housing in downtown Mac, they could do a complex of them in Springbrook too and they could revive the train stops at both locations. It’s coming. I give it five years.


They’ve done ruined Oregon City area, too


"n Waiving system development charges."

Ah..NO. Someone has to pay for the improvements needed to support a growing population. Extending water and sewer lines, sidewalk improvements, ADA compliance, street lights, increased road repairs, etc..why should the entire burden fall on the taxpayer?


Here we go again. Yet another baseless claim about some mysterious forces plotting to merge Yamhill County into Metro. And you've got to love the "Soviet-style" claim, which also lacks any foundation in fact.
Can't we just argue public policy issues on the plain facts, without all of this grandiose embellishment. If your side has any merit, it should be able to carry the day on fact alone. It should need a heavy slathering of innuendo, invective and conspiracy theory.


I wonder where Neil Goldschmidt is these days?

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