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Commissioners to decide two appeals this week

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Refugee Resettlement? Give me a break we cannot even “resettle” our own United States Citizens who are living in squalor throughout McMinnville! Until there is 0% homelessness of the citizens there shouldn’t even be discussion of helping foreigners! Have we lost our minds?


So you’re advocating the elimination of 70 million is state/ local tax revenue and over 700 million in spending power?......Your post is uninformed from a financial standpoint.....Your moral outlook speaks for itself....


I agree with you, tagup. I might argue; however, that for a person to have a moral outlook, he would have to have some morals.


tagup quit bringing in foreigners at taxpayer expense and build a wall! I’m flabbergasted why the leftists are so hell bent on turning the United States into an overcrowded third world cesspool. We can’t even take care of our own properly why on earth should taxpayer money be used for this? And how much moneys do we waste giving in aid, sweet trade deals, all the while giving the middle finger to our own citizens. Just look at what’s happening in San Francisco for a prime example of Democrats run even more amok than the local ones. But we aren’t far behind !!


At tax payers expense?.. proof please!
....If you want the economy to grow, workers are needed.....your argument is not factual....


By the way...please explain how a wall will stop refugees that have visas and therefore legal status....

Christmas has Talons


I agree with you we need to put our own house in order we haven't proven we can do that even on a small scale.


Again, the agreeing and willing to follow whatever is written or said by people who spew their agenda.


tagup I am sorry and I admit I was conflating two separate issues together. We need “the wall” to stem the flood of outright criminal invaders —AND — we need to stop the flow of legal refugees as well. We already see in the headlines the symptoms of our over genereousness of foreigners. We are putting our own low class citizens at a disadvantage and pitting foreigners against them. That is wrong. Our evening doesn’t “need them” to be putting our own low class into tents and squalor on the streets.


I think everyone is aware of your opinions....but they don’t prove your statements.....


@tagup maybe we need to get rid of land use laws so refugees can come? Time to pit 1000 friends of Oregon against the pro refugee camps....


Refugee camps? sure throw out a lot of loaded phrases without facts to back up your statements.....I think a credibility alert is warranted....

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