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Commissioners reject home visit program

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David S. Wall

The Commissioners "Voted" correctly to reject any participation in the "Family Connects Program."

The costly and very intrusive program as offered by the Director of Yamhill County Health and Human Services can be seen here:
[It starts on page 11-page 31].

Yamhill County Tax-payers should beware of the Director of HHS/ Commissioner Starrett's "activities."

I am still waiting a response from the Commissioners if the Director of HHS acted on his own volition or with the blessings of the Commissioners to pursue a "Pilot-program" with the State and Yamhill County called "Community based-child welfare services." Its' official designation is "House Bill 3383."

The Text of [HB 3383]is here:

Starrett's testimony, Seamus McCarthy-CEO of Yamhill Community Care Organization (and Mine) is here:

Shut HHS down-giving junkies fresh needles is coming to our neighborhoods.

David S. Wall


I find it interesting that there are those among us who want to do away with any and all government programs. HHS programs are designed to give help and hope to our neighbors who often, through no fault of their own, need a leg up.


It is a voluntary program. If there is fear stoked by internet stories, don't volunteer. I'm not sure why the commissioners would not want to find out the valuable information this program might provide.


Amazing - the first "No" to HHS? Wow 👍


The banality continues. Pro-life till the moment they have their baby. As soon as the child is born, “you are on your own sister. You should have made better choices.”


Scooter I am with you. But I'm sure they will prey for them.

Bill B

Scooter; what an asinine statement!

Bill B

OK Scooter, after rereading the article, I take my comment back.


That made my day. First comment and t h e n read the article.


Interesting, Drew? Government programs often begin with benevolent intentions; then, mission creep sets in, followed by the justifications to continue long after they are no longer useful, or even counterproductive. As a Libertarian, and simply as an American, I am inclined to keep government agents out of my home without a warrant.


I have the same feeling about government but
young mothers and newborn children need much more support in our country. This is an investment into the wealth of the future.



You missed the part where the program is VOLUNTARY. You sound a bit paranoid. Relax.


Mike, the program is voluntary now. But, like seat belts, we know that can change.

Susan eggert

I am sad about the board of commissioners voting down the visiting nurse program. Some of the statements by board members' comments were assuming the worst outcomes for families. Early intervention is a proven concept to reducing child could be useful for commissioners to explore the many nation side child abuse prevention programs that use visiting nurses successfully. One such program is king county, in Seattle, finding visiting nurses to high!y effective.commissioners


I appreciate this accurate reporting on this. Many things not stated. This program has many issues in the data collection, the intent to mandate for all new mothers and the intent to force medical procedures or actions on a child with fear of retaliation if they opt out. Very important data.

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