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Commissioners hear details of needle exchange program

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This sounds wonderful...the only thing that would make it better is if they raise our taxes (or sewer rates) to pay for all the free needles.


I know I’m old fashioned but this program reeks. I don’t care what the numbers show or what it saves in dollars it’s not a program that should be in our society. The kind of drugs these people are injecting themselves with are illegal. How can the County Sheriff or the County Commissioner’s condone or promote this? Their job is to protect the people that are law abiding citizens that pay taxes and are a useful part of society. With the needle program they are backing they better keep some clean Hi-Ball glasses in the police cars so when they stop a drunk driver they can mix him another drink for the road with no worries about dirty glasses.


Commissioners only asking about the drug addicts concerns. Really? Google needle exchange Portland which isn't working and simply adds more needles.

Let's put Mary Starrett's name on each needle handed out and if we get stuck by one we know who to sue.

Oh and of course the group "hoping" for the $ will monitor themselves lol

The County is smarter than this. I'm guessing this non profit shares members we see on the others? Worth looking into further

hand them a sandwich and talk. Lend them an ear and offer treatment but to hand out needles = more needles on our streets period.

Pathetic. Thought we had at least one commissioner who didn't want to $$"keeper going"$$

E.J. Farrar

I'm heartened to see all of our commissioners make important decisions based on facts and evidence rather than emotion and knee-jerk reactions.


Be nice to the junkies. I'm sure they'll vote for you in return.


Facts and evidence... a quick google search and facts and evidence point another direction: increased drug use, crime and migration.

They funny part ( if any of this is funny)... they are using an ambulance to hand them out 👌


Three nasty cities I wouldn’t live in again: Portland, Salem and McMinnville


A quick Google search? Do realize Google searches have algorithms tuned to you. They feed you what they assume you will like and look at. It has very little to do with objective research. Stella given your frequent commentary it is not surprising that Google's Algorithm gives you support for your opinion. If I did a Google search I would get very different information than you.


Its so sad we even need a program other than free treatment! But, i do see how it COULD reduce the amount of used needles laying around. You turn in 5 needles, you get back 5 needles. You have to admit, you don't see alot of pop/beer cans laying around, because they are worth something. They turn them in, for something in return.


If the sheriff supports the program then others should too.


Well as a recovering person I am totally against this program, it only causes more drug use and give the message that drug use is okay as long as I have a clean needle. What about Its against the law. I agree with most of the comments listed below.


Welcome to McMinnville! We'll let you sleep on our public lands because we're afraid you'll sue us if we tell you to move on. We'll give you clean needles for your drug problems. We have a great soup kitchen where you can eat. You can harass all the people downtown AND pee wherever you want AND leave your trash and drug paraphernalia all over the place especially where our kids play. Not only THAT but we'll TAX the PEOPLE to PAY for your SERVICES! Wish I could come up with an answer for this but I'm still working on it.


Mary Starrett needs to refrain from fast and furious research. Lots of negative impacts on communities when the needle wagon rolls around town.

Town Hall? Do the commissioners want our input?

Mike: need help learning how to google search lol. Why not type in "failed or closing needle exchanges"



Thank you for posting! i totally agree with you after a ton of research

Best wishes and positive thoughts to you on a successful recovery


The news register article was misleading. Listen to the audio posted on the Commissioners work session on June 4th

One recovered addict was asked if he would have benefited if this program was around. His answer he would have had $5 a week more or $20 more a month.,..

Please contact the commissioners and let them know we are against adding more needles to the streets when we don't expect (per the audio) to get them all back.


Tuvey, Progressivism cancer has metastasized off of Portland and Bay Area and broken off in McMinnville. When did McMinnville turn into a little liberal Mecca? I don’t remember it being so growing up. It’s rhe wine industry and the illegals from California who’ve ruined it. I’m down here in San Francisco witnessing what progressives have done to ruin this area. Wow!



Actually we simply voted wrong in our area. Listen to the audio... the Commissioners are trying to "change our perspective" on this program vs giving us a time to discuss it with them. It was "approved" in May at a budget meeting? They didn't hear about the details until June 4?

We can turn this around. Contact all three commissioners and ask for a hearing.


The needle exchange program was not voted on properly but - per Mary Starrett in writing - a vote was taken at the budget hearing! Really? No dog control but let's make sure we can fund this. After the "vote" which should have never happened there - the commissioners hear the program details a month later!! Accept an ambulance the same day and post a job search for a non profit - well kinda - it was posted a day late for meeting and a day prior to deadline - the next week. The real vote happens in July.... at which time they hear from "us", the ones that voted them in and who they repeatedly state won't like this.

Shame on you Commissioners. Shame on us if we aren't heard. Contact your commissioners. We are so much better than this.

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