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Commissioners debate format of work session

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David S. Wall

“I believe when you get government involved, it is demonstrably more expensive and less effective,” Starrett said."

Starrett didn't use this argument when:

Lobbying for [HB 3383]-"Directs Department of Human Services to develop pilot program contracting with Yamhill County for provision of community-based child welfare services."

This program is going to cost the taxpayers an enormous sum of money and could last for many, many years if not in perpetuity. The State of Oregon is anxiously awaiting a "green-light" on this absurdity while Yamhill County taxpayers are left totally in the dark.

Lobbying for [HB 3199]: "Requires county treasurer to distribute excess proceeds from sale of real property acquired by foreclosure of delinquent tax liens, or by exchange for land originally acquired by foreclosure of delinquent tax liens, to holders of liens unsatisfied at time of foreclosure and to property owner at time of foreclosure or any transferee or successor in interest of owner. Requires county treasurer to provide notice of distribution requirements and process to lien holders and owners. Requires circuit court to determine priority of liens. Provides that total amount distributed may not exceed amount of unsatisfied liens and equity interest of owner at time property was deeded to county."

This is going to be a nightmare to fund the payback of foreclosed property owners equity previously lost in foreclosure...especially, when the foreclosed properties are "given" to Non-profit and or Public Benefit Corporations and then sold a market rate by the aforementioned entities. The costs of this program should bankrupt Yamhill County in a very short time. But, we must remember, Commissioner Starrett is a renowned Constitutional scholar.

There are more Starrett costs-How many LUBA Remands? Diversity Training avoidance. Board Oder for Private Gate(her own) over a Public Road.

David S. Wall

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