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Commissioners balk at committee appointment

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David S. Wall

Hmmm, did Commissioner Starrett request additional time to review the application of her "Mini-me" whom she intentionally recruited, some say, to rebuild a "tarnished lobbyist resume" for the Budget Committee?

Hmmm, did Commissioner Kulla request additional time to review the application of the McMinnville Habitat for Humanity Director, a former Yamhill County Commissioner, for his pick for the Budget Committee?

The entire Committee "Selection" process and in some instances, what appears as "lifetime-appointments" to Yamhill County committees requires a complete overhaul; including specified term-limits.

David S. Wall

Philip Higgins

"Community Activist" sounds a little fluffy - facilitating economic development in Yamhill County might be more accurate. And providing pro-Small Business policy input to local municipalities.

While we do provide traditional Commercial Brokerage services, Sales, Leasing, Development, a good deal of our existing practice here in Yamhill County is focused on the Advisory end of the spectrum, Pacific Crest Real Estate Advisors is a purposefully chosen name.

Advisory falls into some specific categories:
• Economic and Community Development efforts throughout Yamhill County
• Land Use Policy consultation
• Affordable Housing and Urban Development / Re-Development
• Issues at the intersection of Traditional Farming & the Visitor Economy (Agri-tourism, Culinary Tourism, Value Added Food Products)
• Rural / Outdoor Recreation

We provide Policy & Strategic Consultation to Municipalities, Elected Officials, Candidates, and Non-Profit Organizations.
And likewise provide Political Risk Assessment and Strategies to clients considering job creating projects here in Yamhill County.

Marvin Bernards

I find it interesting that they don’t balk when appointing their bestie to the planning commission even when it was brought to their attention that the recommendation didn’t meet the criteria for membership as laid out in the bylaws.