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Commissioners approve trail segment for second time

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Commissioners Kulla and Olson showed, once again, that they have no respect for Oregon's land use laws. What a crock.


Or maybe they simply don't believe a fenced and landscaped walking trial on a 60-foot-wide right of way would have any material impact on adjacent farm operations.



Steve, they heard hours of testimony to the contrary, from the experts who actually know what kind of impact this will have. They chose not to listen to it.


I can't wait to walk and run on the trail. So excited that McMinnville is taking a step to letting it's residents enjoy land, other than for wine and farms. Thanks Kulla.


Way to go, Yamhill County. Keep it up. Hope it rubs off on McMinnville more.


vanfarm you are totally in the right on this whole project. The county is bending over backwards to accommodate the wine industry and tourism as a whole. They could care less about farmers and their rights. This county was based on agriculture and logging and it seems everyone has forgotten that. It’s politics at its finest in this day and age. No regard for what is right just a test to see who has the deepest pockets. It just again shows how our government has thrown common sense out the window. Let’s spend a pile of money on something with no plan or budget and see who we can offend.


Good decision, eagerly awaiting enjoying this trail upon completion.


How many acres do you think the three county commissioners and the county planning director farm between all of them. Not many but it still makes them think they are experts on farming practices.


Vanfarm: Or maybe they listened intently, but just weren't persuaded. I know I'm not.

One of the commissioners is a farmer himself, so he certainly understands the issues. And there are farmers who have testified in favor in the past and remain in favor.

It's easy to accuse people of ill intent when a decision goes the other way. If they had ended up on the losting end, would trail advocates have reason to claim they weren't heard, no one listened and the commissioners didn't care about Oregon land use law?

Maybe it's just a matter of three elected officials doing the best job they can of sorting things out and making a decision.



It won’t take long for this county to look more and more like Portland with vagrants galore. Look to Springwater Trail in Portland to see what our future will look like!


Gregtompkins. You are correct, yamhill county is about 10 years behind Portland Metro area. It won’t be a pretty ride and it will get faster the closer we get.


Great decision for all residents of Yamhill County. This trail will be used far more by residents than by tourists - me included. It's misguided to state that this trail primarily benefits the wine and tourism industries.


I am very excited to have this trail, can't wait and neither can my hubby. We lived in rural Indiana and they did this through the farm land, it was fantastic!


Unfortunately, the NIMBYs indicate they will appeal this decision, once again. That it takes so long these days for any decision to become final is the real injustice here! A few vocal farmers and adjacent landowners are holding the majority of us hostage while they continue to dream up new "what if" scenarios that are just not believable. I hope the final decision is rendered in my lifetime.


Isn't the Springwater Trail closer to Portland? What about the Banks-Vernonia trail? I ride that and there is no vagrant or homeless problem. And we are even further out. Why would the homeless go so far and how? Is there a magic bus? Do we have more opportunities for them to get help? No, we don't. They would travel a long way for less. Look at our homeless population right now. We don't have the services necessary to help them and new homeless would be in the same situation. I don't think there is a big attraction for the Portland homeless to travel this far for less than what little they have now. AND I'm really looking forward to riding my bicycle to work and NOT have to be on Hwy 47.


I'm so happy that we finally have a majority on the Council ( and one of them a farmer himself) that don't bend and bow to everything that farmers want, or think they need. I don't care for the wine industry here at all, and do not believe that it is being driven by them or for them...


They’re trying to get to annex the county


All the farms among the trail should plant fast growing arborvitae on both sides of the trail so the view is totally blocked !

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