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Commissioners again debate merits of homelessness plan

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How pathetic that when this plan was mentioned months ago we were told it had "expired".....

Mary Starrett was a part of the "Ten Year Plan" longer than any other Commissioner but instead of following it thru she jumps on board the "subcommittee on homelessness" made up of service providers and/or those receiving large checks each year and she personally hands those checks out in December. The anual head count $ goes to YCAP which she is also a part of.

Want to know what the '09 ten year plan cost us? Look around...


West Coast Sanctuary Laws work great don’t they? Give away the house to illegals from other countries and do little to nothing for struggling American Citizens. How awful.

With numbers growing with homeless, ignoring it want make it go away,perhaps reaching out to the Citizens of McMinnville for their thoughts as the Commissioners seem to need an expanded area of Ideas to consider from.


I think of the beliefs and statements of hatred I witnessed in NE Arkansas in the 50s. It was wrong then and it is wrong now. If only we could all be white, middle class, fine, upstanding citizens!


Drew, is Arkansas the state where Clintons came from? Were they in that area in 1950? I just tried to do a google search of “beliefs and statements of hatred in 1950 Arkansas” and nothing interesting came up. Can you post some links so I can understand why you think this area is like Arkansas in 1950?



Nice racist vitriol.

Nobody is saying you have to be white to be an “upstanding citizen”.

Nor do you necessarily need to own/live in a home.

You do not get to however, destroy the community you live in with no repercussions. And by any measure, what was happening on 4th street, Doran Drive, etc, was totally unacceptable behavior.

But nice hyperbolic, deflecting statement there.


We wouldn’t have a homelessness crisis if we weren’t a sanctuary state

Don Dix

Isn't it kinda' difficult to debate a program that has a 10 year history of doing nothing?

Consistently raising fee, fines, and taxes (read cost of living) results in more homeless situations.

How about trying the other direction and reduce individual living expenses?


Let's try a taxpayer ten month plan:

1). Cut all duplicate services
2). Enforce all laws
3). Any church and or group and or individual handing out free meals will also offer drug and alcohol counseling prior to each meal
4). Quit renting out our jail beds to other counties

My guess ... suddenly we have lost numerous high paying County jobs and non profit profiting jobs and have nothing to plan for.

* Great reading: google "subcommittee on homelessness " and read 2017 meeting minutes forward.... it's like planning on spending $ for a problem we didn't have... until we grew all of our "services" jmo

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