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Clock ticking for people living on the street

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David S. Wall

Eliminate "ALL social services-which includes any support to YCAP, the Housing Authority of Yamhill County, The Yamhill County Affordable Housing Corporation,the Yamhill County Department of Health Services," enforce existing laws and watch the "camper-problem" disappear.

David S. Wall


disappear?, not really.....maybe relocate would be a better description,,,,


Relocating out of town would be best.


Again, I find it difficult to accept the vitriolic comments posted. Really, David? Eliminate all social services? Really, Rotwang? Just get rid of them? Have either of you sat down and talked with our fellow citizens at a community meal site? Hearing the stories they tell might soften your heart. That is, if you even have a heart. I assume that you are not Christian. Do you think Jesus would say and act as you do?


David. The camper-problem won't disappear. The campers in tents will move to wooded areas. Off the streets so you can't see them. You'll be happy. But campers be in the woods where fires can start easily this summer. Have any idea what McMinnville will be like if the Yamhill and the Cosine burns? Although it is refreshing to know that some of Charles Dickens characters still live. There was hope for Scrooge, we can pray for you.



You sound like you should invite them over to your house, or allow them to “camp” in front of your house.

It’d be the Christian thing to do after all.

Social services should be reserved for those willing to help themselves. Otherwise it’s just enabling criminal behavior at taxpayers expense.


All you do gooders should open up your driveways. The churches are a big part of the problem. Want to help them??? Give three hours of drug counseling prior to handing them a sandwich vs feeding them and sending them on their way

Want to here the real sad stories? The working poor/taxpayers are too busy - living sober and WORKING


Progressivism isn’t working out too well for the City of McMinnville. I’ve been traveling for my job lately to San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Seattle the last few months. That same progressive and illegal alien loving mentality in those locales all have the same problems with the vagrants as McMinnville. Progressive governance and liberal attitudes are causing this. Time for change on the west coast.


I posted about the needle exchange and now it's disappeared so I'll repost here:

Mary Starrett emailed that the needle exchange program was voted in at the budget meeting (not possible btw) the first week of May. On June 4 the commissioners heard a pitch by HHS and accepted an ambulance the same day (couldn't find an ice cream truck). The ad to hire a non profit was posted on the 11th (day after meeting and day prior to deadline). This idea will really be voted on in July...

Contact your commissioners and let them know you will vote them out should they approve this program. How much money has been spent prior to them voting it in???

Reporter Starla Pointer

Stella, your post about the needle exchange program did not "disappear." It's on a different story.

David S. Wall

Reporter Starla Pointer-
Where is "Stella's" article? What story are you referring to?

I lost track of my post concerning Mr. Phelan's mistreatment at the hands of Yamhill County Officials. This post appears to have been "pulled" for some unknown reason. Do you know where my "Post" is placed?

David S. Wall


Not to pile on, but I posted a response to a letter to the editor June 14 regarding the Farmers Market, and the original letter seems to be gone.....not really a big deal....


I posted on Mr Phelan's article too. Not even found in the archives 👀

Reporter Starla Pointer

Posts are connected to stories on the website, not to the archives. They are neither edited nor removed, except perhaps in the case of some kind of egregious, libelous statement -- NOT the case here. I have never seen anything removed, in fact, except for a computer-generated spam comment that was gibberish.

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