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Clerk's office announces routine ballot check

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Joel R

Can you do an article on how we can know if our ballot was counted?
I signed up for the feature (I think it's called 'ballotrax' or some such thing) that is supposed to notify you when they receive your ballot and then again after they count it.
I got an email saying they got it...but haven't heard a peep from them on whether or not they've counted it. The imagination runs wild on what might have happened to my ballot. Is it in a dumpster out behind the courthouse?


I second Joel R's request. I suspect that my ballot might have been rejected because I wrote in my cat for one judicial position and one of my grandpuppies for another.


I got a text to my name on November 2 that read, “Your ballot for the November 8, 2022 General Election has been accepted and is being processed for counting. Thank you for voting! If you have any questions, call 503-434-7418.” I don’t know what the email you all received said but this text seemed ok to me. I guess you could call the number.


A hand recount does not verify the validity of the state’s election process. The state of Oregon mailed out 2,997,548 ballots in the recent election. 1,948,054 were returned or counted as per the secretary of state website. If you think it’s a validation of the integrity our election system that we can recount ballots and still come up with 1,948,054, all that proves is that you went to public school in Oregon. A true spot check to ‘verify the validity’ would be to select a group of voters who returned ballots and knock on their doors. Did the registered voter actually vote their ballot? Did the registered voter actually live there? Did the registered voter move out of state 5 years ago? Did they die 5 years ago? Are there 27 registered voters all using the address of one apartment? Are 56 registered voters using the address of a McDonalds? When you mass mail 3 million ballots and only receive less than 2 million, you would assume you at least mailed out 1 million opportunities for fraud.

I also wonder if there is a journalist in this state that would care if Twitter had censored information related to the recent elections in Oregon. With what is coming out nationally and potentially internationally with backdoor ‘hotlines’ to the DNC, campaigns, the Whitehouse, mainstream media etc., but what about the Oregon democrat party, the Tina Kotek campaign, or the razor thin margin with measure 114.

Elon Musk must be that election denier the NR is always talking about.


Isn't "Monarch" a top secret federal program, though? If so, do they even consult anyone at the state level? Just wondering who has jurisdiction on everything from a simple PDX poltergeist, or a werewolf, or even all the way up to Godzilla? I mean, if none of these creatures honor state lines, then who knows if any of them are legally registered to vote? It's just chaos out there.

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