By Tom Henderson • Staff Writer • 

City's homeless subcommittee is disbanding

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Christmas has Talons

Imagine this, the big talkers and bleeding hearts are nowhere to be found.


Christmas has Talons, you see this in Portland too they have those silly “in our America” diversity signs plastered all in their yards in Laurelhurst and other leftist ghettos like Hawthorne. But yet there is non diversity in sight other than a bunch of very angry leftist white wealthy folks. But then you go a couple miles to the east there is actual diversity (as well as lots of potholes , broken sidewalks and graffiti) and none of the propaganda signs. I read a story in the San Jose Mercury when I was traveling down there recently the town wanted to put in low income and homeless shelter and the people there bitterly complained and stopped the plans. Just like their stance on illegals, too. They’re all for it but yet totally ignore the practical implications of their “celebrate diversity” stances. The leftists are virtue signaling hypocrites.

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