By Tom Henderson • Staff Writer • 

City eyes affordable housing opportunities

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David S. Wall

"State allocations include $50 million for construction of permanent housing, $150 million to fast-track local housing initiatives and $25 million to preserve existing affordable housing. The programs are an outgrowth of the Statewide Housing Plan, adopted by legislators in 2017."

-Is the aforementioned revenue "borrowed money, i.e. General Obligation Bonds" or is the revenue derived from property taxes?

"“We can end housing instability,” Salazar said."-Only an abject idiot would believe this statement.

"On a practical policy level, Schauer said planners could allow a wider range of housing types, such as duplexes and townhouses, in single-family zones. That would ensure sufficient land zoned to allow traditional homes and support development of government-subsidized affordable housing, he said."-Finally, a government official speaks the truth:"Government-subsidized housing is where the hoax of "Affordable Housing" was derived.

I don't support any "Government Housing Projects."

David S. Wall


I agree with you, David. Why would we, as citizens, want to work together to make our community a better place by helping people who are less fortunate to build a better life for themselves by providing safe and decent housing? That would be in direct opposition to the teachings of Jesus.

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