By Tom Henderson • Staff Writer • 

City cracks down on public camping

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Someone might like to proofread the headline here...

Ossie Bladine

Corrected. And thank you, carolsm, for not repeating what the error was.
Ossie Bladine


The city council sits high atop it's citizens making decisions that are against what is good for the taxpayers. Nothing can make that more clear than their elevated seating in meeting. Their seating is above us during
meeting as a reminder to keep us in our "place".

Bill B

Actionjax; just how is this decision not good for the taxpayers? Seems to me they sit up high so they can be seen.


Whether it's council meetings or committee meetings, those people you see "sitting high atop (McMinnville's) citizens" are all unpaid volunteers and our neighbors.

So yeah.Something to try and keep in mind.

Longmire fan

Good to see some progress here after successfully addressing those assaultive plastic shopping bags....


Yes "zero waste" McMinnville - great job. We all pay more for bags that look a lot more hazardous to the landfill than the 5 cent paper ones we can recycle. Now this group should head over to Dustin Court and roll up their sleeves 👍

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