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City council races set

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Mac Native 66

OMG! Only 2/3 of the seats have challengers. That's sad. Remy has to go! she has done no good for her ward. It looks like a S***hole.


Well Mac Native 66 it looks like it's time for you to step up and take Remy on. You seem to me like kind of a grumpy, fire-breather sort of guy but I'll bet you'd shake things up and make some things happen down at city hall.


I don't know what Mac Native thinks one councilor can do, specifically, for their ward. There is no patronage system, here, nor is there the ability to earmark city funds for pet projects. If Remy's failures were so agregious, I would have expected to see more of an effort to challenge her seat. Maybe Mac Native is the only one who cares.


A cursory review of the county GIS indicates that Ward 3 contains within it pretty much all of the highest assessed property per square foot in the city.
Dont know 'bout Mac Native, but I'd gladly trade my charming little ranch on a quarter acre for the Taylor Dale block or Hotel Oregon - in case any of the S***holes read this!


I expect every member of the city council--and potential candidates running for any ward, will have invited three campers into their backyards or garages for an extended and publicized period of time.

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