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Chapman's place on the circuit court bench appears secure

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Wait! Breaking news. This just in. A man from Newport claims to have found a box with 170 votes in it. To his astonishment all 170 were for Lisl Miller. Much to his relief Jennifer Chapman will not be on the bench after all. He was last spotted driving towards Mac with the box while mumbling something about never taking your car to the wrong kind of mechanic.


Joel- somehow I get the feeling that you like to wake up sleeping dogs.... or maybe poke bears....:)


Not from Newport, never have been and never will. That was a purposeful error on the part of the News Register. I am not even living within the State of Oregon anymore, and thankfully so given the knuckleheads that keep voting in Kate Brown, among other unqualified individuals - AND - really bad laws (like the sanctuary law(s)).

Thanks for continuing to prove what special snowflake syndrome inflicted people live in Oregon, Joel.


Oh, and Chapman didn't win by hardly anything. Speaks volumes to just how divided this election for this position was. Too bad many of the Chapman voters were plain discriminatory, publishing that they were voting for her merely because she was a mother with kids, and a nice person they know personally...not giving any credence to Miller's professional experience in both criminal and civil law, and her familiarity with how that court works. Nope. Just blind allegiance to a civil attorney who knows nothing about criminal law and how a circuit court works that is dominated by civil law.

All the voters cared about was her civil experience, which is 10% of what the circuit court hears, if that; and the fact that she has kids and is a nice person.

I don't doubt she is a really nice person, let alone a great attorney in the civil arena representing union employees. Neither of which transfers to criminal law experience into judgeship that will require hearing 80-90% criminal cases on a daily/monthly/annual basis.

You Yamhill County voters reap what you sow. Which includes that asinine sanctuary status for illegals that ties the hands of law enforcement, state of federal, to do their jobs related bill.



"Just blind allegiance to a civil attorney who knows nothing about criminal law and how a circuit court works that is dominated by [criminal] law."


"If you were happy before you knew someone, you can be happy when they're gone."


A miss is as good as a mile.

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