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Carlton bond would build new police station

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Carlton's taxes are already as high as McMinnville. I think city hall should stop catering to one or two select winery guro's on the backs of Carlton residents. Carlton residents like the small-town feel. Do they want their town commercialized so that one person can build a hotel and make big bucks?


The ballot initiators want a new city hall, but they are cloaking it as safety.

A New Generation

Have to agree with you there, Yupjoe. How come (even after paying an outisde consultant to do a study) they don't pay attention to the citizen survey from two years ago & fix the roads? Looks like
priorities are in need of fixing, as well as the roads.


City tax rates in Yamhill County:
Gaston, 6.61; McMinnville, 6.36; Carlton, 5.40; Newberg, 4.38; Willamina, 4.20; Yamhill, 3.74; Amity, 3.61; Dayton, 3.56; Lafayette, 3.49; Dundee, 2.86; Sheridan, 2.13


Just say no Carlton.

Longmire fan

Why not just build a front facade that’s empty like the patrol cars that get shuffled around town.


I agree with you Yupjoe. I also think Carlton should raise the property taxes on the wineries in town instead of the homeowners.


I don't believe for one minute the city of Carlton needs this upgrade. Too many taxes on Carlton residents as it is now not to mention the increase in water rates. This isn't a wealthy town and the things in this article that they say they need sounds lame. Vote no.

A New Generation

City tax rates:
McMinnville, 6.36; Carlton, 5.40 (Carlton population 1/15 the size of Mac) but Dundee is 2.86. What is wrong with this picture?

"County commissioners this week to granted the money and authority to hire a new patrol deputy, intended to focus on calls involving mental health issues. Svenson said the deputy will be dispatched on all such calls when on duty, and follow up on those that happen when he or she is off duty.
Total cost to the county will be $129,000, which will cover both the deputy’s salary and benefits, and a patrol car."

Remember when Carlton subcontracted for accredited County deputies (24 hour coverage)? Sure seems like better services & a whole lot cheaper than a 20 year bond!

Just sayin'!

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