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By Tom Henderson • Staff Writer • 

Care centers polling residents about 911 call fines

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Thanks for reporting on this Mr. Henderson.The City Council needs our support and backing. The city does not have the resources, and cannot afford to further financially subsidize these private businesses.


Stubblefield rightly assumes the for profit business will create a billing category for each patient to cover the fees. It will not effect their profit. They won't have to train their employees. Of course they say they won't charge, but they will find a way. Profit must be served. Us pesky McMinnville residents can try to bother them with fees. At least the 'push polling' shows they're trying to avoid the special charges accounting maneuver if they can.


Dear Mike, a simple lesson in economics will show that when cost rise, some people will not be able to afford services. You seem to be making a case specifically about Skilled Nursing. This ordnance impacts community based care communities. They cannot bill some accounting code. This ordinance will impact the poorest McMinnville residents. These communities, that take Medicaid, get flat payments. One fine by the Fire Marshal will equal about one half of what they get from Medicaid per month per resident. It will negatively impact McMinnville seniors. It sounds, similarl to our Fire Marshal, you are making assumptions and supporting a flawed idea without all the facts.

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