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Burglar draws jail term

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30 days for all of that and he's already out? Those victims will never see $42,000.


rosebloomer: He cut a deal and turned on his supposed friends, thus getting a break and learning no lesson in the process...

The American justice system is still considered one of the best in the world, even with all of its shortsightedness and lack of space leading to what is called "the warehouse effect" where little or no rehabilitation is ever achieved, let alone offered.

The Office of the District Attorney is swamped with cases to try and not enough man (or woman) power to effectively handle the caseloads - as if the courts were not already overflowing with cases. The solution: give the DA the power to negotiate deals with suspects, whereas a cooperating witness like Ayala mentioned in the article above is often offered incentives to "roll-over" on their accomplices in exchange for a lesser prison/jail term.

In this particular case it seems as if the parties being represented by the DA's Office have readily recognized that there is little to no chance of ever recovering the assets previously stolen by this 3-man crime wave! As is often the case, the only recourse for the businesses is to seek civil redress, but when your opponent cannot pay, why bother?! Of course there is the insurance they should be carrying, but to activate a claim against that only raises the premium, as the insurance company wants to recoup some of the loss it paid out, so as to minimalize their loss.

Seeing obviously guilty people dealt only the consequences of incarceration and in the Ayala case, a very short term of incarceration, is disheartening indeed, but again we must trust our justice system or get on with the overhaul thereof....

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